Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Turkey Hunting

So Blake, cute Blake, learned all about Thanksgiving at preschool this week.  One Monday after school, she asked if I would take her to hunt turkeys.  Yes, that's my daughter.  I stopped eating meat for like 10 years because my brother made a steak "moo!" once and Blake wants to hunt her own turkey.
I told her she would have to ask Papa, since he was the turkey hunter in the family.  She called and asked him, and he told her sometime they would go.

I hadn't given it another thought until at 7:01 when Blake came into my bedroom.  She came up the side of my bed, and tapped my shoulder.  "Mom, is it Thanksgiving?"
"Yeah, babe it is." I answered.
"Okay, good.  What time are papa and I going to hunt our turkey?"

So cute.. love this little hunting girl!  I don't know if she knows how the turkey dies, but she did say she would help pull out all the feathers.  Maybe she will be the Hunter Papa always wanted!
Happy Thanksgiving!