Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mutton Busting

Depending on your view of this activity, we are either awesome parents or participating in child abuse. We let Blake watch all these youtube videos of mutton busting and asked if she wanted to do it.  She did... so we did!  I only have videos, so good pictures, and I can't get the videos to upload for some reason.  But I wanted to document how awesome my Blake is.
 This is Blake before the ride, standing in front of her shute. Unfortunately she was placed too far forward on the sheep, so when it took off, her weight pulled the head down.  She didn't let go because she is "Tough as Nails" so the sheep preceded to roll over her body.  It didn't end well... but if you ask her if she will do it next year, it is a definite YES!  We will see.  But great fun to watch!

 Blake getting her elbow pads on... which incidentally are Callie's favorite article of clothing.  Whenever she sees them, she brings me her elbows and screams, her current favorite mode of communication!
Speaking of Goose, this is Goose and Papa at the fair before the Mutton Busting.  Shade did the dock jumping, and jumped almost 15 feet!  They were so impressed a novice did so well.  Little do they know she would jump further than that into the river at St. George!  Miss the condo!

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Carrie said...

Jealous! I've always wanted my children to do mutton bustin- seriously, it's the cutest. Wish I could have seen her. She IS tough!