Sunday, October 14, 2012

Blake's Birthday

 Blake turned 4!  YEAH!  It was on a Sunday, so we just had the family come over!  We had cookies instead of cake, since Blake doesn't eat cake.  We made cowboy hats and cowboy boots sugar cookies with Carly's moms' recipe and they were awesome!  Go to her blog for the recipe.  I decided the adults may need a little more than just cookies and Starbursts (Blake's current favorite candy) so I made homemade raspberry ice cream which turned out wonderfully!  Thanks for all the family that came and supported our beautiful daughter.  She is so wonderful in our family and keeps me on my toes!

Goose was loving the cookies, obviously, because she loves all food!  Especially when the main ingredients is sugar!

Hard to tell, but these kids are eating the highlight of the party!   Cake PoPs make with Love by my sister and Blake's aunt Jessi!  Thanks Jess.

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