Monday, August 27, 2012


Summer Fun!  Our cousins came to visit and oh did we have fun!  We did a week in Lake Powell, which I will blog about later, but we had a great time here as well.  Blake and Lucy did a cheerleading camp, we rode horses quite a few times, and we went to Lagoon!  
 Blake and Callie Goose Riding Isaac!
 Hard to tell, but all three babies, Clara, Callie, and McKayla asleep at Lagoon
 Blake and Lucy were riding partners.  They did almost all the rides together!
 Blake's cousins, Cody and Macey, would only ride the rides together.  It was so cute.  I hope Blake and Callie will be so close and such good friends!
 Callie loved the Merry-Go-Ride!
 Blake loved the ride too!

 All kids on the hill at my moms... McKayla, Callie, Clara, Macey, Lucy, Blake, and Cody
 We went on a hike, and Goose felt asleep.  Comfortable, huh?

 Mckayla and her dad Ben riding Chance
 Ben and Macey
 Blake and Rio Grande (RIO)
 Macey and Rio
 Cody and Rio
Cody and Rio

Callie's First Birthday- a few months ago!

 The cupcakes started melting, so not as cute as they were when it was 90 degrees!  The cookies are made with sour cream, and I replaced it with Fage Greek Yogurt and they were still great!

Callie and her cousin Sadie sharing a water bottle and eating off the same tray.

Callie's 1st Birthday!  May 31st was Callie's birthday and we did a small party with family and a few friends at the farm.  It was keeping with tradition since we did Blake's 1st birthday at the farm as well!  Since I haven't blogged in a year I am struggling with the pictures etc!
I decorated cookie Monster cupcakes and Sugar Cookies (Thanks to Carly for the recipe)  and it was such a great time!  We rode the pony and Wyoming, and Callie loves the horses.  Above she is riding the new pony Rio Grande (Rio) and Wyoming with her Uncle Kevin.
Callie is 23 lbs at 1 year and so passionate about life.  She screams about everything, and wants to demand her mother to get her whatever she wants.  She started walking about 2 weeks after her birthday.
She loves bananas, grapes, and throwing her food on the floor.  You can't eat any food anywhere or she will hear or smell it and come running.
She loves her sister, and loves being tickled by her.
She says Daddy and Mommy and recently, "No"
She loves to sit on Shade, her dog.
She is a mamma's girl, and loves her blanket and binky.  She started taking a binky at 10 months, which is crazy, but it keeps her from screaming!
She loves to ride anything, bikes, motorcycles, 4-wheelers, horses, and never ever wants to get off.  She is Luke's daughter in that way!
We love her so much.  Happy Birthday Goose.