Tuesday, March 13, 2012

CALLIE is 9 months

Callie Goose is growing! BIG BIG BIG! We had her 9 month appointment today. She 21.9 oz and 28.2 in. 84th for weight and 77th for height. She is healthy and strong! She loves to crawl, as fast as possible, and is getting into everything. She hates baby food, and loves anything I have to cook for a really long time. Crockpot chicken is her favorite. She hates formula, bottles, binkies, and anything that could be a comfort besides her mother, but she LOVES HER MOM! Which is pretty rewarding. She loves Blake, especially her belly button, an loves it when Blake sings "I love to see the Temple". (Unfortunately, she almost always sings that after she has done something to hurt Callie, so it shows how forgiving the Goose really is :) She loves playing/eating sand and her head bows. They are rarely on her head but almost always in her mouth or around her neck. While miniature golfing last week, I noticed Goose had two little green things poking out of her mouth. She had put the whole pink flower( shown above) in her mouth with only the green decor showing!
Her favorite time of the day is bath time! She absolutely loves swimming in her tube! She is a joy in our lives, and we love her!


 So... I have had the best two weeks. Unfortunately, only one of them was documented by me because Trip 1 cameras were mostly forgotten. Blake, Callie, My Mom and I went to stay in WorldMark St George two weeks ago. We had cold weather, of course, but we still had a great time shopping, eating, playing games, and hot tubbing! We were lucky enough stay in a condo with a hot tub on our balcony... which we turned down for the kiddos and turned it into a little pool! It was such a great relaxing trip, even though Callie Goose forgot to sleep throughout the week. It was an awesome week and we loved it! Thanks Mom.
Callie Goose and Blake in their "Tubes".  This was our daily, sometimes more than once activity that week.  The patio had glass sides by the hot tub which helped cut the wind.  It was such a great time!

Upon getting home, I quickly did the laundry and we packed back up and headed south again. Luckily my kids are traveling really well these days, so 4 trips in 10 days wasn't too bad. We stayed with Luke's parents in St George and had a great time as well! We had some cold weather, but a few good days as well. We were able to do some hiking and biking and even rode the carousel in St George.
Dave has each grandchild climb up the giant mountain behind their house and claim spot for themselves. He places a solar light shining on the spot (ie. Tate's Territory or Anna's Way) so they can see it at night. Blake's Boulder was a big hit... you can even see some writing on it, as she staked her claim.
Grandpa Dave, Blake, and I below Blake's Boulder
Blake and Goose and the Central Park water Park in St George. Way too cold to play in, but we stood on the boulders.
CUTE BLAKE looking really old! CAn you believe she is 3 1/2 ?
Callie Goose climbing some trees with her sister!