Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Turkey Hunting

So Blake, cute Blake, learned all about Thanksgiving at preschool this week.  One Monday after school, she asked if I would take her to hunt turkeys.  Yes, that's my daughter.  I stopped eating meat for like 10 years because my brother made a steak "moo!" once and Blake wants to hunt her own turkey.
I told her she would have to ask Papa, since he was the turkey hunter in the family.  She called and asked him, and he told her sometime they would go.

I hadn't given it another thought until at 7:01 when Blake came into my bedroom.  She came up the side of my bed, and tapped my shoulder.  "Mom, is it Thanksgiving?"
"Yeah, babe it is." I answered.
"Okay, good.  What time are papa and I going to hunt our turkey?"

So cute.. love this little hunting girl!  I don't know if she knows how the turkey dies, but she did say she would help pull out all the feathers.  Maybe she will be the Hunter Papa always wanted!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Blake's Birthday

 Blake turned 4!  YEAH!  It was on a Sunday, so we just had the family come over!  We had cookies instead of cake, since Blake doesn't eat cake.  We made cowboy hats and cowboy boots sugar cookies with Carly's moms' recipe and they were awesome!  Go to her blog for the recipe.  I decided the adults may need a little more than just cookies and Starbursts (Blake's current favorite candy) so I made homemade raspberry ice cream which turned out wonderfully!  Thanks for all the family that came and supported our beautiful daughter.  She is so wonderful in our family and keeps me on my toes!

Goose was loving the cookies, obviously, because she loves all food!  Especially when the main ingredients is sugar!

Hard to tell, but these kids are eating the highlight of the party!   Cake PoPs make with Love by my sister and Blake's aunt Jessi!  Thanks Jess.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mutton Busting

Depending on your view of this activity, we are either awesome parents or participating in child abuse. We let Blake watch all these youtube videos of mutton busting and asked if she wanted to do it.  She did... so we did!  I only have videos, so good pictures, and I can't get the videos to upload for some reason.  But I wanted to document how awesome my Blake is.
 This is Blake before the ride, standing in front of her shute. Unfortunately she was placed too far forward on the sheep, so when it took off, her weight pulled the head down.  She didn't let go because she is "Tough as Nails" so the sheep preceded to roll over her body.  It didn't end well... but if you ask her if she will do it next year, it is a definite YES!  We will see.  But great fun to watch!

 Blake getting her elbow pads on... which incidentally are Callie's favorite article of clothing.  Whenever she sees them, she brings me her elbows and screams, her current favorite mode of communication!
Speaking of Goose, this is Goose and Papa at the fair before the Mutton Busting.  Shade did the dock jumping, and jumped almost 15 feet!  They were so impressed a novice did so well.  Little do they know she would jump further than that into the river at St. George!  Miss the condo!

Temple Dedication and Open House

We attended the temple dedication and the open house with our family.  It was a very special experience.  It wasn't the first time we have taken Blake through an open house, as she went through both the Oquirhh and the Draper Temple, but she was too young.  This temple, though small, was beautiful inside and out.  Blake was able to ask some questions and we were able to show her some of the most beautiful rooms in the temple.  Her favorites were the "Pretty room-Celestial Room" and the Baptistry, where the cows were.  For those who aren't familiar, a baptismal font is in the temple and is built on the backs of 12 oxen, representing the 12 tribes of Israel.
But the question that she asked as we were finished was my favorite, and one I never want to forget.   After we went on a walk around the grounds, we stood in line for the bus to ride back to our car.  With all the faith of a child, Blake looked at me and asked, "But where was Jesus?"
You see, as we live directly off the 5th South exit in Bountiful, for years she has commented on the temple on the hill in Bountiful at night, as it glows and stands out so perfectly.  We have always told her that the temple was Jesus's house on earth, and the words we pointed out of the building resolidified that, "The HOUSE of the Lord."  She was concerned that she still hadn't seen Jesus since she was in His House.
Wow... What faith that my cute daughter has and a great reminder to both Luke and I of the importance of finding our Savior, at home, and in the Temple.  We need to do better, be better, and find ourselves more often in the Temple.  I want my daughter to learn as I did from my parents that the temple is of upmost importance in our lives and marriage.
Not the best picture of us, but the place was worth remembering!


Blake has started preschool! She is going to Marsha Andersons' Preschool in Centerville, a bit of a drive but totally worth it.  I am loving all she is learning, and Blake seems to love it too.  It is in an old church and has so many different rooms that they can spread out and play.  They have a large theater room, dance hall with piano, social studies room (room with a giant floor to ceiling map), a reading room, a coloring and learning room, an indoor playroom, and more I am sure.  It isn't a huge emphasis on academics, which is ironic since I was obsessed about my academics growing up, but that isn't what was right for Blake.  They use movement, music, games to teach life skills which I love!
She has been singing the cutest song this last week.  It is all about being safe around strangers.  She starts by telling me a story about a stranger.  "A man comes up to you and he says, "I lost my puppy, can you help me?"  And you say, "NO WAY!"  and then you say,
Listen to your HEART

(sometimes the stranger says that your mom broke her leg and I am supposed to take you to her)  
It is so cute.  She is also preparing for her Halloween program, so she is constantly singing a song about a black cat.  I  can't remember the words, but it makes me smile everytime!
 Because I am an awesome mom, I scheduled an appointment on Blake's first day of school so she had to get ready and take her first day pictures at her grandmas!  THANKS MOM!

Friday, September 7, 2012


Blake is one of my favorite people.  She makes me happy, so happy.  She makes me laugh and smile all the time.  She often tells me, when she thinks I've done something very nice, she tells me, "You are the luckiest mom in the world."  I don't think that is exactly what she means, but I don't correct her because she is absolutely right.

Yesterday, Blake was interested in the idea of marriage.  She kept asking me how it worked and who she could marry.  I was her first choice, obviously, but upon further discussion she decided she would either marry her friend Ben or her friend Will.  Then she said very seriously, "But mom, you will come with me, right?  It will be you and me and Will."
It melted me heart and I hope when she is older she remembers how much she wants to be with me!
I love this girl.

Monday, August 27, 2012


Summer Fun!  Our cousins came to visit and oh did we have fun!  We did a week in Lake Powell, which I will blog about later, but we had a great time here as well.  Blake and Lucy did a cheerleading camp, we rode horses quite a few times, and we went to Lagoon!  
 Blake and Callie Goose Riding Isaac!
 Hard to tell, but all three babies, Clara, Callie, and McKayla asleep at Lagoon
 Blake and Lucy were riding partners.  They did almost all the rides together!
 Blake's cousins, Cody and Macey, would only ride the rides together.  It was so cute.  I hope Blake and Callie will be so close and such good friends!
 Callie loved the Merry-Go-Ride!
 Blake loved the ride too!

 All kids on the hill at my moms... McKayla, Callie, Clara, Macey, Lucy, Blake, and Cody
 We went on a hike, and Goose felt asleep.  Comfortable, huh?

 Mckayla and her dad Ben riding Chance
 Ben and Macey
 Blake and Rio Grande (RIO)
 Macey and Rio
 Cody and Rio
Cody and Rio

Callie's First Birthday- a few months ago!

 The cupcakes started melting, so not as cute as they were when it was 90 degrees!  The cookies are made with sour cream, and I replaced it with Fage Greek Yogurt and they were still great!

Callie and her cousin Sadie sharing a water bottle and eating off the same tray.

Callie's 1st Birthday!  May 31st was Callie's birthday and we did a small party with family and a few friends at the farm.  It was keeping with tradition since we did Blake's 1st birthday at the farm as well!  Since I haven't blogged in a year I am struggling with the pictures etc!
I decorated cookie Monster cupcakes and Sugar Cookies (Thanks to Carly for the recipe)  and it was such a great time!  We rode the pony and Wyoming, and Callie loves the horses.  Above she is riding the new pony Rio Grande (Rio) and Wyoming with her Uncle Kevin.
Callie is 23 lbs at 1 year and so passionate about life.  She screams about everything, and wants to demand her mother to get her whatever she wants.  She started walking about 2 weeks after her birthday.
She loves bananas, grapes, and throwing her food on the floor.  You can't eat any food anywhere or she will hear or smell it and come running.
She loves her sister, and loves being tickled by her.
She says Daddy and Mommy and recently, "No"
She loves to sit on Shade, her dog.
She is a mamma's girl, and loves her blanket and binky.  She started taking a binky at 10 months, which is crazy, but it keeps her from screaming!
She loves to ride anything, bikes, motorcycles, 4-wheelers, horses, and never ever wants to get off.  She is Luke's daughter in that way!
We love her so much.  Happy Birthday Goose.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

CALLIE is 9 months

Callie Goose is growing! BIG BIG BIG! We had her 9 month appointment today. She 21.9 oz and 28.2 in. 84th for weight and 77th for height. She is healthy and strong! She loves to crawl, as fast as possible, and is getting into everything. She hates baby food, and loves anything I have to cook for a really long time. Crockpot chicken is her favorite. She hates formula, bottles, binkies, and anything that could be a comfort besides her mother, but she LOVES HER MOM! Which is pretty rewarding. She loves Blake, especially her belly button, an loves it when Blake sings "I love to see the Temple". (Unfortunately, she almost always sings that after she has done something to hurt Callie, so it shows how forgiving the Goose really is :) She loves playing/eating sand and her head bows. They are rarely on her head but almost always in her mouth or around her neck. While miniature golfing last week, I noticed Goose had two little green things poking out of her mouth. She had put the whole pink flower( shown above) in her mouth with only the green decor showing!
Her favorite time of the day is bath time! She absolutely loves swimming in her tube! She is a joy in our lives, and we love her!


 So... I have had the best two weeks. Unfortunately, only one of them was documented by me because Trip 1 cameras were mostly forgotten. Blake, Callie, My Mom and I went to stay in WorldMark St George two weeks ago. We had cold weather, of course, but we still had a great time shopping, eating, playing games, and hot tubbing! We were lucky enough stay in a condo with a hot tub on our balcony... which we turned down for the kiddos and turned it into a little pool! It was such a great relaxing trip, even though Callie Goose forgot to sleep throughout the week. It was an awesome week and we loved it! Thanks Mom.
Callie Goose and Blake in their "Tubes".  This was our daily, sometimes more than once activity that week.  The patio had glass sides by the hot tub which helped cut the wind.  It was such a great time!

Upon getting home, I quickly did the laundry and we packed back up and headed south again. Luckily my kids are traveling really well these days, so 4 trips in 10 days wasn't too bad. We stayed with Luke's parents in St George and had a great time as well! We had some cold weather, but a few good days as well. We were able to do some hiking and biking and even rode the carousel in St George.
Dave has each grandchild climb up the giant mountain behind their house and claim spot for themselves. He places a solar light shining on the spot (ie. Tate's Territory or Anna's Way) so they can see it at night. Blake's Boulder was a big hit... you can even see some writing on it, as she staked her claim.
Grandpa Dave, Blake, and I below Blake's Boulder
Blake and Goose and the Central Park water Park in St George. Way too cold to play in, but we stood on the boulders.
CUTE BLAKE looking really old! CAn you believe she is 3 1/2 ?
Callie Goose climbing some trees with her sister!