Saturday, December 17, 2011


For those who are not aware, an incredible elf has visited our house thanks to Grandma Bonnie. His name is Jingles. Every night we sprinkle magic snowflakes on him, and it allows him to come to life and he does magical things, sometimes naughty and sometimes nice.
I was able to catch him a few times in the act. Here are his latest adventures. He built a tower with bath toys last night... "silly Jingles- He's hugging my frog." said Blake.
The first morning after Jingles came to life. Blake wasn't sure how she felt about a mysterious elf coming to life, but she is now loving it!
This is silly Jingles cutting out all the snowflakes.

Just a random pictures of Callie! I obviously uploaded it in the wrong place, but it is so cute. She is always so excited to see me when I come to get her, and No, I did not put her in her crib sideways or leave the mobile down sideways! That's all her.
If you can't tell, Jingles is hanging on the lighting wire, after he decorated my whole house with my red Christmas ornament centerpiece. Blake said, "Jingles... Get down right now. You are making me so nervous!" Obviously, I can never say that again. My daughter repeating me is way too weird.
Bad picture, but Jingles put all blake's stuffed animals on the bed and is hugging Jeremiah on the very top! Blake thought this was her favorite surprise because she got to sleep with all her animals.
He has also dyed our milk green, spread all Blake's socks and underwear all over the house, spilled Shade's food, and gave Blake and Callie a new Little People Nativity which was a big hit!
WE are so lucky to have a great ELF living with us for a few days.

Does anyone else have an elf at their house and have some ideas of what these elves might do? Just so I can be on the look out, of course. :)

We love you Grandma Bonnie. We are so lucky that you love us so much that you put in all this work to inspire imagination and creativity in our children. You are an incredible grandma and mom and I am in awe of the work you do to put these 12 days of Christmas together. We are truly grateful. It is a wonderful sign of love for us and for our children.


Look who we Saw TODAY! Ward Christmas Party and Callie and Blake got to sit on Santa's lap. We had so much fun, and there were no tears, a huge improvement from the last 2 years! She told Santa she wanted a toy horse, unless Papa reads this, then she wants a real horse, preferably a pony! Just kidding Dad.

I love my girls but we sure missed Luke today at the Christmas Party. He is hard at work providing for us.


The Worst part of no or little snow is that there is nothing fun to do outside! Luckily for us, cute Luke built our tramp inside our basement which gives us many hours of fun! Even Callie is learning to love it.There was a storm on Tuesday for a few hours, and there was some snow flakes on the ground! This is Blake when we were feeding that day!
It's official! Coolest mom Ever! JK! I got cute Blake her first Cardhardt coat (spellcheck) and she loves it! She is so dang cute that little girl of mine!
Hopefully we will get some real snow soon. It puts food on our table, so to speak, so we need it!

Monday, December 12, 2011


So... Saturday night I was so stir crazy and I just wanted to get out. We went out for a little (with kids) date night after Luke got home at 8. We drove to the Train Depot, hoped on a trax train (which is free by the way) and rode it to the Gateway, where we went and ate at the Food Court. The kids had a blast! We went with Lindsey and Nate and Blake's friend Ethan. We only had 2 quarters so they had to share the 4-wheeler ride, but we had lots of fun.
Blake and Ethan riding the 4- wheeler.

Blake and Ethan on the train... the definite highlight of the night! We even had a group of carolers who rode the train with us part way so we got to sing, "Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer"!

Friday, December 9, 2011

My Darling Girls

Can I just say that I love and "not so much love" this age of 3? Blake is so much fun, way too silly, and so entertaining. Along with her new imaginary friend, she is almost always either a mom unicorn, a dad reindeer, or a zebra. When she is one of these animals, she always points to each of her arms and says, "This is a leg." She loves riding everything, skateboards, bikes, push bikes, peddle bikes, and running "super fast". She is sort of a bully to Lucy, her cousin, but loves her anyway. My least favorite trait is the roaring! Whenever Callie falls asleep in the car, usually after a long bout of crying, Blake leans as close as she can to the car seat and roars like a Lion. Callie wakes up screaming, I have seriously violent thoughts, and Blake claims she can't be held responsible because she is Simba from the Lion King. AHAH!! She thinks she is so funny! And then in moments of pure innocence, she looks at me and says "Guess what? I love you so much."
Who couldn't love all that?
I think my lack of blogging is starting to scare me that I am not documenting the cuteness and exhaustion of my current crazy life. I love it so much and I want to remember it. Maybe this will motivate me!
This is my cute daughter wearing her cooking apron. She is unique in that whenever she gets a gift that isn't a stuffed animal, she refuses to touch it or look at it for a few weeks, and then it becomes her very favorite thing! I can't explain it... lets just say that Halloween costumes are introduced early at our house.
Callie is so dang cute! I love her smile, which I see so often these days. She refuses to take a bottle most days, but we keep trying. She is sitting up, she just cut her first tooth, and she is in the 95 % percentile at 6 months. Which is impressive since she is slimming down from the 99% at 4 months. She is eating food now, loves chicken and rice, prunes, and pears. She has ears pierced, and has lost all the hair she was born with. Now it is just a blonde fuzz.
She hates her carseat and cries every time I put her in it, to which Blake asks, "Why does she hate her carseat mom?" EVERYTIME! So cute. I have finally sort of put her on a sleeping schedule, which is helping the screaming and the babysitting. She takes 2 naps a day and only wakes up once a night now most nights. She loves swimming, and even survived her first couple of Daddy Dunkings. She hates her pacifier, but I am bound and determined she is going to take one. Everytime I see Clara with hers I grow green with envy. I need a mute button sometimes. She loves talking loudly, but only at church, and she isn't very flexible. :) She can't even get her feet into her mouth, even though she keeps trying.
We love her so much!
Blake's Christmas TREE! I may have helped a little on the basic outline but the rest was all her!
The FIRST SNOW OF THE YEAR! We were out by 8:30 and loving it.

This was the day I decided that I needed a Carthart for her. She is wearing her "Running FAST" Cape (Thanks Aunt Carrie) and her "Mudd Boots like Moms" but she keeps rolling in the dirt and hay every time I feed and we go home like this. Her dad taught her that she can jump in the mud with her new farm boots, so she is usually muddy as well! What a cutie!

Blake got a motorcycle for her birthday, and this is just her climbing on Thanksgiving morning for a quick ride! She loves to ride!
We have the cutest little girls and I find such joy in motherhood. There is probably no more tiring or fulfilling jobs and I am privileged to be raising these girls.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Blake's Imaginary Friend

I just had to write this so I didn't forget. Blake has an imaginary friend named Alex today. She carries him with her hand in cupping shape, so he must be tiny. As she rode her bike down the street today she kept yelling, "Faster Alex Faster!"
This morning I went to Dr Doug's appt for Callie and I asked her what toy she would like to bring. We could only bring one... and she said, "I'll just bring Alex" and preceeded to climb out of the car with no toys, just a little cupped hand.
Oh my goodness, how much do I love this littler girl?