Saturday, April 23, 2011

Skiing with Blake

Blake has become a little skiing champion this spring! Unfortunately, her mother has not been a great poster of pictures and videos, and still is not currently smart enough to post a video of her in action! I will try to get Luke to when he gets home! So ready for summer.... but someone is going to miss skiing with her Daddy!

Luke Turned 30!

My cute husband is 30, but still having a blast! We celebrated in style this year, I rented out the Flow Rider in Ogden so he could have a great time surfing even in Utah! Thanks for everyone who celebrated with us! I am so lucky to be married to such an active and fun man and I love that this is how he likes to spend his birthdays!
This is Luke riding the wave!
This is Michelle... Both her and Debbie were amazing and they both crashed hard but kept at it!
Just the boys standing and watching each other fall!
We had our families to our house to celebrate as well, and this is Luke, Blake, and Easton blowing out candles!