Thursday, December 24, 2009

All my Spare Time

All my spare time should probably be devoted to Blake, for the last two months, Kona is getting more of the attention. For those that haven't heard, my horse Kona cut all the tissue etc off her hind right leg down to the bone, and I have been bandaging, cleaning, administering antibiotics for two months now. I wish it was summer, so the heat would dry out the ground, but accidents never happen when you want them to.
She seems to have finally turned a corner though, and It looks like we are hopefully out of the woods. Her granular tissue has competely covered the bone (still very nasty) and the vet isn't showing any signs of bone damage at this time. I think she is going to be fine.
I would post some pictures, but I promise you, most people would vomit at the sight, let alone the smell. Luke hates the smell of infection so badly now... My car, garage, and washing machine smell like her infection. It gets everywhere, and I have to wash all my cleaning rags and store them in my garage. I am so excited my brother is in town now to help my dad and I out. It has been an adventure!

How we do Christmas Cards!

So... we did a Christmas card this year. And sent it in the mail to... no one! Yeah for us! Sometimes I drop the ball. A few family and friends we saw during the holidays got one, but for the rest... this will have to do. Merry Christmas. We will get it all together next year... I hope.

Blake at 15 Months

We went the doctor last week for our check-up and vaccine. Blake got 5 shots, which I think was way too many. She handled the first two fine, and then just started screaming bloody murder. Luckily when bribed with an orange sucker, she appeared to recover!

Weight 24 lbs 15 oz. 80%
Height 31.5 inchs 82%
Head circum 48.1 cm. 96%

We are so lucky to have such a great baby and she makes us very happy. We just hope she keeps growing healthy and strong.

So things we discussed at the doctors were as follows:
Temper tantrums... yep
High-pitched squealing...yep
Head-banging or throwing things in anger... no (hopefully never) and yes
Keeping doors closed on overs, dishwashers, and clothesdryers... Check (huge temptation)
Climbing and Falling.... Just beginning to climb on kitchen chairs

Good to know your child's behavior isn't abnormal, isn't it?


I know it is christmas Eve, but Luke's at work all day and we are home alone. I was looking through everyone's blogs and realized again I am a horrible blogger and want to get better. I love reading everyone's stories and seeing all the fun pictures. So I am going to play catch up.

For those of you that don't know, Luke has been working on a big project with his friend Joe. They are shooting a demo for a tv show they want to pitch in the spring, and it involved learning how to skate. These are some fun pictures of Blake participating in skating as well. I didn't really get any of Luke. They got really fast, so it would take a better cameraman than I.
Luke is always trying to get Blake play crazy sports... like skate boarding. This is her giving the ramp her first try.