Saturday, March 21, 2009


Happy Birthday Luke! You are a wonderful husband and father, brother, son and friend and I am so lucky to have you in my life...

There are so many things I love about you... Here are a few

1. I love how childlike you are (in a good way).. you find joy in small and simple activities and I love it!

2. I love the way you rise to any challenge and are always being inventive about new business ideas and plans for our future

3. I love you for the dedication you have... Whatever you put your mind to, you will accomplish.

4. I love your amazing memory, and I pray everyday that Blake gets your memory and my good looks! Just kidding...

5. I love how you look great with long shaggy hair, a beard, and a pair of Vans... or with a buzzed head and a pair of nice khakis and Danskos. You are just sexy no matter what!

6. I love how passionate you are about playing and experiencing adrenaline... you are on a life-long quest for adrenaline-pumping activities

7. I love that even though you wish you were best friends with Travis Pastrana and lived in a foam pit, you still work hard to take care of your family.

8. I love the way you kiss me...

9. I love the man you are and the father you are becoming. Blake is one lucky girl
10. I love that you are 28, and went and jumped off the high dive at the Spa, went skiing twice, and went to a skatepark in a 3 day stretch! You keep me young!

11. I love that you married me, and made me so happy!

I love you BABE! Happy Birthday

Friday, March 13, 2009

First Day in a Pool larger than Our Bathtub!

For Luke's upcoming birthday- we decided to have a family day at the Rec Center by our house. Does anyone have a season pass there? It was amazing- and Blake seemed to enjoy it. She mostly just stared at all the people, kids, colors, and noise... but she seemed very content!

Blake and I spent a great deal of time going around the Lazy River- It was our favorite!
As always, Blake loves being with her DAD! Cute picture, huh?

Blake and my first race in the pool!

Blake loves floating on her back... for about 1 second

We finally got her to smile!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Fun in February

Luke and I went night skiing last week at Brighton and cute Blake came along. This is her first of many days skiing with her dad. (She just stayed in a cabin with her Grandma Crosland and only got to ski down to the car)
Blake's cousin Lucy was just born last week. This is their first official meeting, as Carly uses Blake's big bum to push Lucy out. She came two days later... I think it was all thanks to Blake!

Some friends from my mission came to visit us and brought their friend Rocky to play with Shade. Blake rode around on him for a while... he was the perfect sized horse for her. Notice how tall the dog is in comparison to Luke! He was bigger than our dining room table!