Thursday, January 29, 2009

Winter Fun!

Blake with her cute smile! We have finally documented it on film!

It has been requested of me that I post some pictures (thanks Carrie)! Here is a picture of Blake and Luke last week at the farm. She likes to come and help me feed the horses, and once, her cute daddy was able to come!

Blake and her best friend, Shade

I really do try hard not to let my dog lick Blake, but she is at the perfect level for "walk-by lickings" and Shade takes advantage.

Monday, January 5, 2009


Merry Christmas Everyone~ I am a terrible blogger so I will just combine the entire month of December and show you all my cute pictures of a great Christmas season.
Blake and her new cousin Macey were visited by Santa on Christmas Eve
Blake's first picture with Santa

This year the "Nogger" was at our house. We had a great time, with fondue and fun crazy Christmas sweaters. These are all the babies that have been born since the last Nogger.
Hello Fertile Myrtles!

All the women with our babies... We were all nursing at this party, so it was like a Lactating Seminar for Le Leche or something. Crazy!

The Men were so proud of their Christmas sweaters!

The Prize for 2008 went to Ben because he willingly sacrificed his chest hair to make his "perfect Christmas sweater"
A little Gross, but very funny!

Our beautiful family in our Christmas Best!

Blake and her friend Camryn

Blake in front of the Christmas Tree! I promise she smiles, but I can't get her to smile within a 10 mile radius of a camera.

Her beautiful Christmas Dress! (Thanks to Grandma Larsen for the shoes)