Thursday, December 24, 2009

All my Spare Time

All my spare time should probably be devoted to Blake, for the last two months, Kona is getting more of the attention. For those that haven't heard, my horse Kona cut all the tissue etc off her hind right leg down to the bone, and I have been bandaging, cleaning, administering antibiotics for two months now. I wish it was summer, so the heat would dry out the ground, but accidents never happen when you want them to.
She seems to have finally turned a corner though, and It looks like we are hopefully out of the woods. Her granular tissue has competely covered the bone (still very nasty) and the vet isn't showing any signs of bone damage at this time. I think she is going to be fine.
I would post some pictures, but I promise you, most people would vomit at the sight, let alone the smell. Luke hates the smell of infection so badly now... My car, garage, and washing machine smell like her infection. It gets everywhere, and I have to wash all my cleaning rags and store them in my garage. I am so excited my brother is in town now to help my dad and I out. It has been an adventure!

How we do Christmas Cards!

So... we did a Christmas card this year. And sent it in the mail to... no one! Yeah for us! Sometimes I drop the ball. A few family and friends we saw during the holidays got one, but for the rest... this will have to do. Merry Christmas. We will get it all together next year... I hope.

Blake at 15 Months

We went the doctor last week for our check-up and vaccine. Blake got 5 shots, which I think was way too many. She handled the first two fine, and then just started screaming bloody murder. Luckily when bribed with an orange sucker, she appeared to recover!

Weight 24 lbs 15 oz. 80%
Height 31.5 inchs 82%
Head circum 48.1 cm. 96%

We are so lucky to have such a great baby and she makes us very happy. We just hope she keeps growing healthy and strong.

So things we discussed at the doctors were as follows:
Temper tantrums... yep
High-pitched squealing...yep
Head-banging or throwing things in anger... no (hopefully never) and yes
Keeping doors closed on overs, dishwashers, and clothesdryers... Check (huge temptation)
Climbing and Falling.... Just beginning to climb on kitchen chairs

Good to know your child's behavior isn't abnormal, isn't it?


I know it is christmas Eve, but Luke's at work all day and we are home alone. I was looking through everyone's blogs and realized again I am a horrible blogger and want to get better. I love reading everyone's stories and seeing all the fun pictures. So I am going to play catch up.

For those of you that don't know, Luke has been working on a big project with his friend Joe. They are shooting a demo for a tv show they want to pitch in the spring, and it involved learning how to skate. These are some fun pictures of Blake participating in skating as well. I didn't really get any of Luke. They got really fast, so it would take a better cameraman than I.
Luke is always trying to get Blake play crazy sports... like skate boarding. This is her giving the ramp her first try.

Monday, November 30, 2009


We had a Crosland Thanksgiving this year, and miracle of all, we were able to have Luke join us!
Everyone getting ready for the big meal! It was wonderful! Thanks Mom.
My mom wanted a picture of all the kids in their new outfits she got them. It didn't go so well. Everyone but Lucy was crying, and she just kept trying to eat leaves. Cody is on the milk box, and left to right, Lucy, Macey, and Blake.
Ben, Carrie, Cody, and Macey

Tyler, Carli and Lucy
We would show you our picture with Blake, but she wouldn't have it. She was just screaming and walking around. It would just be a picture of Luke and I chasing Blake! Yeah for 15 months!
Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!


It is about time... since it is almost December, to put some pictures of Blake on Halloween! We had a great Halloween this year with our little turtle! It was so much fun, though she didn't understand what was going on!
Blake, the turtle, with her cute dad as we walked around the neighborhood. Okay, like a street and a half... Blake didnt' understand why we would keep walking when there was stuff in her purple pumpkin for her to play with! She kept stopping, sitting down, and reaching in.

Her cute costume from the front!

Her costume from the back! The tail is my favorite part!
Happy Halloween everyone! In December.

We are Alive!

So... we forgot to blog for like 3 months, and now I am trying to catch up. These pictures are veryoutdated! But it is better than nothing!

Blake, Camryn, Oakley, and Camden went to the Zoo (obviously when it was still warm) and they loved it! We want to go back again soon Tricia! (hint hint) Blake was just walking, so she is a little unsteady at this point.

Blake and Camryn sitting on Isaac. They have been spending lots of time running around in the sand pile and the pasture. They love it! (Until the two weeks of Arctic Temperatures put an end to that)

I love this picture. A girl and her horse... what can be better than that?

Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Blake!

Blake Turned 1 on September 16th. Can you believe it? This is my favorite picture of the day... she was eating her cake and kept trying to feed it to me.

Happy Birthday Blake! You are now 1 years old and I can no longer say "my Baby Blake".

A few things I love about Blake that I want to remember:

  • She does open mouth kisses to me, her dad, and her dog

  • She walks around with both hands high up in the air like a football referee signalling Touchdown

  • She loves to eat anything she can put in her mouth herself, and despises eating from a spoon

  • She loves to go fast... on anything... horses, 4-wheelers, her push wagon

  • She laughs everytime her dad throws her into the lovesac

  • She loves to be outside, especially either dirty or wet

  • She loves to pour the dog's water bowl onto her lab 3 or 4 times a day

  • She breathes heavy when she's excited instead of laughing... it is like a dog panting

  • She only has 3 teeth, and has had 3 teeth for a month... they do not come in pairs apparently

  • She only likes to sleep in her bed, and she snuggles with a big white polar bear

  • She loves her mom and dad!

We had a great birthday on last Wednesday, the 16th. We had a party for our family out at the farm, and we had cake and ice cream and all the kids got to play in the sandbox and ride horses.

I did a caterpillar cake to go along with the Book "The Hungry Caterpillar". It turned out pretty cute... lots better than the practice one a few weeks before.

These are two of Blake's cousins riding Isaac. The kids all enjoyed the horses.

Speaking of horses, Blake got a rocking horse from her Grandpa and Grandma Crosland. She loves to ride it, especially since Luke started pushing her around the house in it. :)

Baby Lucy, Blake's other cousin, had her first horseback ride. Doesn't she look like a natural?

Blake's parents bought her this cool wagon thing, which was a lot cooler before she got the horse (refer to picture above). She doesn't like it near as much now since it doesn't rock and bounce.


Monday, September 14, 2009

Summer is slipping away!

Since we are not very good at blogging about our summer, I thought I would do a quick recap of July and August. We went camping twice, we went to Moab and stayed in a cabin for a week, we went rock climbing with some friends, boating at Willard Bay, and Blake got to watch her first fireworks at the Kaysville Fireworks and Parade. Luke also competed in the Bountiful Triathalon and took 2nd in his age group. All in all... Great summer!
Blake started taking a few steps at 11 months, but hasn't really been walking much until recently. This is her favorite toy push wagon, which she either pushes or stands inside of all day long!

Our beautiful Blake at almost 1 year old

Friday, June 26, 2009

3 Weeks in Paradise

Week 3- Lake Powell with my family. It was a wonderful week, but still no sleep to be had by our cute baby Blake! We were ready to come home!

My whole family at Lake Powell

Our houseboat taken from a cave up the mountain
My dad waterskiing!

Royal Rumble Tube Wars.. That is my husband and my brother jumping on top of two little 100 lb 15 year old girls! So nice of them...

Luke throwing a toe-side back roll

We had 3 babies there... This is a picture of the two oldest, Blake and Macy

Blake asleep in her favorite thing ever, a life jacket. She hated it!

Cody and I in the bow of the boat


The 3rd baby, Lucy

3 Weeks in Paradise

WEEK 2-- California with Luke's FamilyWe stayed in Capistrano in a Beach house! Awesome!

Luke catching some waves at San Clamente. I surfed too, but surprisingly I wasn't up on the board long enough for anyone to document it!

Blake and her daddy

Luke's friend Joe came down from LA to surf for a day.

Luke surfing

Right outside our beach house, maybe 10 yards into the water, a group of dolphins swam by.

Two of Blake's cousins playing in the sand-so cute!

Luke's whole family

Blake at sunset

Blake and her mom playing on the beach

Can you say "adorable"? She wasn't so adorable at night when she cried all night every night! Who ever said that traveling with babies wasn't that hard has never met this cut little girl!

3 Weeks in Paradise

Week ONE- St. George with the Garretts and the Barneys

(I took very few pictures, apparently, but we had a great time!)

Luke showing off his sweet tan lines while balancing our beautiful baby Blake

Blake and her mom playing in the pool

Cute Colter and Jake

All three girls after a shopping outing at the Outlets

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Because I am such a good wife...

Just kidding. Right now, Luke is outside mowing our lawn and I am supposed to be cleaning. But I got sidetracked doing some posting, and now I am literally laughing out loud at this blog I found from my friend Jen. You have to check it out. I am going to read some more now, before Luke comes in to find out it is 11 and I am still in my pajamas and haven't brushed my teeth. That was probably too much information.
It is not religious at all, I am not sure why they use that title. It is just one man's ramblings and internal dialogue (similar to JD on the show SCRUBS) and it is hilarious!

Car Seat Carrier Covers

If anyone was wondering how I spent my winter, most of it was spent behind a sewing machine. I have been making dolls for Blake, a cute bag for me (Thanks Niki), a few blankets, but most of the time I have been making car seat covers. I have been making them for friends and neighbors for baby shower gifts and I have decided to start selling them. I have been able to find the cutest fabric lately and I wanted to show them off. These are a few of the fruits of my labors this winter, and I am quite proud of them! I guess this section of my blog could be called, "Showing Off"- sorry!

I've done a few neutral car seat covers, for those practical people who want one for both boys and girls.
This could be generic as well, but I loved it! I also have some farm animal covers that are absolutely adorable fabric

My personal favorite... I know... I am turning into such a girl! It's pink and everything.