Thursday, August 28, 2008

I've been Tagged!

I've been tagged!
4 things you may not know about me:
-I am an avid reader
-I apparently snore when I am pregnant
-I love to ski (though I hate the snow)
-I want to join the Peace Corps with Luke

4 places I go over and over:
-my mom and dad's house
-my farm
-Paradise Bakery for their summer berry salad
-my aunt Sheryl's (she is teaching me how to sew)

4 people that e-mail me:
-3rd Ward Young Womens President
-our Executive Secretary
-Wells Fargo
(obviously I am not a big emailer- I could only think of church or junk mail)

4 of my favorite foods:
-Refer to Paradise Bakery
-cheeseburgers from Neilsen's Frozen Custard (pregnany thing)
-P.F. Chang's General Tsao's Chicken
-Olive Garden Breadsticks

4 places I'd love to be:
-The hospital delivering my baby
-Costa Rica
-St. George

4 movies I watch over and over:
-Pride and Predjudice
-How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
-A Walk To Remember

-my sexy husband Luke
-my belly and the baby growing inside of it
-Kona, my horse
-Shade, my dog

-Be a great mother
-Be a loving wife
-Serve a mission with my husband
-write a book
-Receive my Masters Degree
-Travel through Africa

Current Obsessions:
-Luke :)
-Washing my baby clothes
-Cleaning my house
-I want to learn to play the guitar
-Young Womens
-my baby

Suprising facts about me:
-I want to name my baby hippy names (but Luke won't let me)
-I want to live for at least a year in a foregin country
-I am scared of giving my baby a bath
-I hate hate hate to cook!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Luke and his friends went to Moab this summer and mountain biked. Luke just made a video presentation of the trip and (with some helpful editting of his wife so no one was offended or scared :) I wanted to share it. It is very funny. I hope you enjoy it!

Apologies for the spelling= I didn't spell check it... and sorry Nick for the spelling of the last name!

It is the thought that counts!

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Ben and Luke decided to attempt the impossible and surf a wave in Utah where there is no ocean. We went to the Solomon Center on Friday morning so Luke and Ben could bang themselves up falling and surfing and falling some more. But doesn't it look like fun? I think this is on my list of things to try when I am no longer carrying our little baby girl. You could also boogie board which looked like a lot of fun as well.

Ben kept falling everytime I videoed him, so I snuck this one when he was unaware, which is why is it filmed kind of far away.

Boating at Pine View

Ben and Carrie were in town this week, so the family went to Pineview and spent an evening on the lake. Since the photographer stayed on the beach most of the time, there are few wakeboarding pictures, and lots pictures of my nephew Cody.

Luke and his very pregnant wife Amy!

Carrie and Amy showing off our pregnant bellies. Carly isn't showing yet, so she would just make us look fat!

Can you tell which one of us is further along?

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Happy Anniversary Luke!

Luke and I just celebrated our 3 year anniversary on August 5th, and what a wonderful 3 years it has been. We have had some great times and learned so much from each other. Here are a few pictures of what Luke and I were doing 3 years ago...