Wednesday, March 5, 2014


So... I am trying something new.  I am starting a new blog and I am so excited about it!  Maybe I can actually keep writing and recording what we are doing in this crazy awesome life!
Check it out!

Sunday, June 16, 2013


Christmas Christmas Chirstmas!  Such a great time.  We decorated the Christmas Tree, we were visited by Jingles the Elf, and we spent lots of time with family.  Ben and his family came early in the month, and we spent a great few nights with them decorating gingerbread cookies and climbing around at Boondocks.  
 We decorated the tree one Monday night for Family Night, and I remembered again my 18 month olds are hard on ornaments.  It was a pretty ugly decorated tree by January, with all the ornaments above three feet high.  But we loved it!
 Blake had a school program in which she sang beautiful Christmas carols and Santa even made an appearance!  It was quite the event.  I loved Blake's preschool.  They have a large stage in which they perform from!  They show off all they have learned at each program and it is such a neat accomplishment.

We spent Christmas Eve with the Crosland Family, Grandma and Papa, Jessi and Ty, Carly, Lucy and Clara.  We had flying helicopters to keep the big kids entertained (ie. Jeff, Luke, Tyler) and Jessi got the newest addition to the family, INDY.  My girls love her more than anything, and live to torture and tease her.

 We put the kids down at my mom's for a while so we could play games as adults.  It was something we haven't done in years, and it was so nice to remember that part of Christmas Eve!
We got a VITAMIX from my parents which made my whole life!  I was so excited.  We use it daily.
 Christmas morning at our house was so exciting!  We got animal Chairs, Blake got a violin per her very determined request, and Callie got a large pink Little Tike Car.

Christmas morning at the Larsen's.  We got awesome breakfast cinnamon rolls and egg casseroles, and all the cousins piled on the couch for a fun family picture.
 We all wear matching shirts we unwrap that morning!  Such a great Larsen Family Tradition!
 That afternoon we met Tyler, Carly, and Clara for a sledding adventure!  The girls all had a blast!  BEST DADDY'S EVER!
 Christmas break was a very winter white Christmas, and spent lots of time in the snow.  Sledding at the farm with Papa and the 4-wheeler.  Skiing up at Solitude and SnowBird, and sledding in our front yard!    One day a large ice storm came and we sledded down the ice on the driveway!  Luke also built the girls an awesome gap jump and a snow cave!

We may not love the cold weather, but we love the snow!  Daddy's little girls!
 Lights at Temple square

walking with papa

Buffalo Round Up!

Luke and my dad and I signed up to help with the Buffalo Round Up on Antelope Island.  Then it snowed...snowed...snowed. I bailed, I couldn't ride my horse for 8 hours in 19 degrees.  I am a wimp.  But Luke and my dad are not.  They took Isaac and Wyoming and went.  Unfortunately, no pictures of Luke and Isaac.  But this trip did inspire my dad to want to get the horses in better shape and to buy a bull whip.  Apparently quite the exciting adventure.  I haven't done it in years, but I want to sign up again and pray for 40 degree days.

 The men smartly decided to call me and have me move the trailer from one side of the island to the other.  The full 8 hours in the saddle would have had to been reversed and reridden, which many people had to do.  But all involved, Isaac, Jeff, Luke, and Wyoming were worn out so my mom and the girls and I went to move the truck.  It worked out perfectly because we saw a ton of buffalo!  Made my children's day!

30th Birthday

November 28th!  I turned 30.  That morning my cute husband woke up and didn't go to work.  I kept watching the clock, and I kept saying, "you are going to be late..."  Finally he said, "I think I'll take the morning off and take you to breakfast."  Pretty sure that was a first in our 7 years of marriage, and I was so excited.  We dropped the girls off at Grandma Marlene's and off we went to breakfast.  It's my favorite meal of the day and I love eating at those dive diners for breakfast.  It was so nice.  As we started driving to get the kids and visiting, I realized we were in Spanish Fork, about a half hour past his parent's turn off.  I started to realize something was up.  Luke pulled over in our new awesome minivan, and pumped up our blow up bed, placed it in the back and said we were going to spend the day together driving somewhere cool, and he wanted me to drive in style!  I watched the 1st couple epidisodes of Friday Night LIghts, lieing on a mattress in my van and loving life!  Don't ever tell my kids I did that, they are always required to wear their seat belts!!!
We got to Moab and pulled into Arches National Park!  Luke packed us bags of clothes and had it all worked out for his mom to watch our kids for the next two days.  He did back weird clothes for me, like maternity jeans (not pregnant at the time), old tennis shoes I didn't know I owned, and a mismatched swim top and bottom.  But no complaining, only laughter.  THe only hitch in our plans was when I asked what he had done about our dog.  "SHADE!" he yelled.  "I forgot about Shade!"  A quick call to our great neighbor helped that and we spent the next two days hiking and playing, watching movies at the theater, and fulfilling a check on my bucket LIST!
Yep!  I jumped out of a perfectly good airplane.   I always said I wanted to, and Luke made it happen.  Calling the plane perfectly good might be a stretch, it was held together mostly my duct tape and I was more worried about the flight up then I was the jump out.  Especially since they made me sit on the ski dive instructor's lap the WHOLE FLIGHT!  He probably weighed 100 lbs and was 5 inches shorter than me.  I felt like I was sitting on a child, and Luke was sitting across from our tangled legs on a duct taped metal box thing.  I started to panic a little as I realized if I died I was leaving two beautiful children.  As the strange tiny man and I jumped out of the plane I told Luke to make sure he remarried quickly because I don't want my kids raised by strangers who don't love them!
Turned out awesome!  We all lived, even tiny man, though his legs buckled under the weight of the both of us and we crash landed-not what he intended!  

 Sorry all the pictures are of me... I am not a picture taker and Luke snapped a few!  Beautiful hikes!

Great birthday Honey! Thanks!
 They made Luke wear a parachute anyway in case the duct tape didn't hold!

 Flew over both national parks on the way up!  Beautiful flight!
Notice tiny man underneath me!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Turkey Hunting

So Blake, cute Blake, learned all about Thanksgiving at preschool this week.  One Monday after school, she asked if I would take her to hunt turkeys.  Yes, that's my daughter.  I stopped eating meat for like 10 years because my brother made a steak "moo!" once and Blake wants to hunt her own turkey.
I told her she would have to ask Papa, since he was the turkey hunter in the family.  She called and asked him, and he told her sometime they would go.

I hadn't given it another thought until at 7:01 when Blake came into my bedroom.  She came up the side of my bed, and tapped my shoulder.  "Mom, is it Thanksgiving?"
"Yeah, babe it is." I answered.
"Okay, good.  What time are papa and I going to hunt our turkey?"

So cute.. love this little hunting girl!  I don't know if she knows how the turkey dies, but she did say she would help pull out all the feathers.  Maybe she will be the Hunter Papa always wanted!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Blake's Birthday

 Blake turned 4!  YEAH!  It was on a Sunday, so we just had the family come over!  We had cookies instead of cake, since Blake doesn't eat cake.  We made cowboy hats and cowboy boots sugar cookies with Carly's moms' recipe and they were awesome!  Go to her blog for the recipe.  I decided the adults may need a little more than just cookies and Starbursts (Blake's current favorite candy) so I made homemade raspberry ice cream which turned out wonderfully!  Thanks for all the family that came and supported our beautiful daughter.  She is so wonderful in our family and keeps me on my toes!

Goose was loving the cookies, obviously, because she loves all food!  Especially when the main ingredients is sugar!

Hard to tell, but these kids are eating the highlight of the party!   Cake PoPs make with Love by my sister and Blake's aunt Jessi!  Thanks Jess.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mutton Busting

Depending on your view of this activity, we are either awesome parents or participating in child abuse. We let Blake watch all these youtube videos of mutton busting and asked if she wanted to do it.  She did... so we did!  I only have videos, so good pictures, and I can't get the videos to upload for some reason.  But I wanted to document how awesome my Blake is.
 This is Blake before the ride, standing in front of her shute. Unfortunately she was placed too far forward on the sheep, so when it took off, her weight pulled the head down.  She didn't let go because she is "Tough as Nails" so the sheep preceded to roll over her body.  It didn't end well... but if you ask her if she will do it next year, it is a definite YES!  We will see.  But great fun to watch!

 Blake getting her elbow pads on... which incidentally are Callie's favorite article of clothing.  Whenever she sees them, she brings me her elbows and screams, her current favorite mode of communication!
Speaking of Goose, this is Goose and Papa at the fair before the Mutton Busting.  Shade did the dock jumping, and jumped almost 15 feet!  They were so impressed a novice did so well.  Little do they know she would jump further than that into the river at St. George!  Miss the condo!